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In the fertile territory of the Serre Salentine, lies Presicce, a village whose history is linked to the land and the traditional cultivation of olives and their transformation into oil. If in the centre you can admire an elegant Ducal Palace and several churches of precious workmanship, it is underground that the village's treasure is hidden. In fact, 23 underground oil mills are embedded in Presicce's underground network, where oil was once produced and where the ancient presses and millstones are still preserved. In fact, this is the village with the highest number of trappeti a grotta, or cave oil mills, dug into the stone, and legend has it that there is a town hidden under the central Piazza del Popolo, where until the beginning of the 20th century the frenetic life of the oil millers took place.


73054 Presicce LE, Italia

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