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In an area that is half flat and half hilly, framed by the Dauni mountains, Pietramontecorvino has medieval origins.

The 13th-century Ducal Palace is worth a visit, dominated by a mighty Norman-Angevin tower with a crenellated quadrangular tower almost 40 metres high, to which it is connected by a wall that is also elevated. The palace has three floors, of particular note are the reception hall, the two courtyards and the roof garden.

The historic centre, shaped like a fishbone, is called Terravecchia and is a fascinating tangle of narrow, twisted alleys. The Mother Church is worth a visit, both for its exterior portal and loggia and for the altars and paintings inside. A few kilometres from the historic centre, the archaeological site of Montecorvino bears witness to the original settlement, which was razed to the ground in the 12th century.

The craft shops in the village carry out wrought iron work and restoration of period furniture by expert hands.


71038 Pietramontecorvino FG, Italia

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