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On a cliff overlooking the sea from which you can see the coast as far as Rodi Garganico, at the northernmost point of the region, stands Peschici, of Slavic foundation, which was originally called Pesclizzo, from the terms "persek e cist", meaning pure sand, from across the Adriatic. Legend has it that the commander of a group of Slavs was sent by monks from the Tremiti Islands to establish their abbey on the land. However, the opposite was likely the case and it was the people of Pescia who donated their church and castle to the powerful island abbey in exchange for protection from Saracen pirates. What is certain is that here you can breathe an air of antiquity and the Mediterranean, a cosy and at the same time homely atmosphere, among cube-shaped houses topped by white domes with an oriental flavour in the old town, arches and ancient churches. On the end of the cliff towers the castle, dating from the mid-13th century, and also in the old town, not far away, is the church of St Elijah the Prophet, which contains the polychrome wooden statue of the Madonna of Calena that came from the abbey of the same name. All that remains of it are the derelict ruins behind the small port, from where the ferries to the Tremiti islands depart. The Peschici area's beaches are amongst the most awarded Blue Flag beaches in the Gargano. One of the largest is the Bay of Peschici, a destination for families, but also for surfers because of its exposure to the winds. A more secluded and atmospheric spot is Jalillo, shaded in the afternoon. All along to Rodi Garganico are the long beaches of Calenella, Cento Scalini (or delle Tufare) and the famous and well-equipped San Menaio. Different from all of them is the Sospetto beach, pebbly and with rocky walls.


71010 Peschici FG, Italia

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