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Montesano Salentino


It is a fertile land, the one on which Montesano Salentino stands, a village surrounded by expanses of vineyards and known for its production of excellent wine. And it is precisely wine and its traditions that are the element that most characterises the town, which still today sees the agricultural economy as its lifeblood: these are the 'palmenti', the historical heritage and rural culture of the area. The 'palmenti' are eight large tanks, recently restored, where grapes were once pressed barefoot, tanks equipped with cisterns in which the farmers then produced must and to which, moreover, a private wine press was once connected. In the village, the heart of the inhabitants' devotion is the chapel dedicated to the patron saint San Donato, and the Mother Church of the Immaculate Conception is also worth a visit

Montesano Salentino

73030 Montesano Salentino LE, Italia

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