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Minervino Murge


A panoramic village thanks to its privileged position, which affords a splendid view of the Ofanto Valley, the Alta Murgia National Park and nearby Basilicata, Minervino Murge is a small town with an ancient historic centre, a sort of labyrinth of tufa and white façades, where elegant architecture rises, including the Cathedral of the Assumption, the Bishop's Palace, the Castle and the Clarisse Monastery. But its peculiarity, what attracts and intrigues visitors the most, is the Grotto of San Michele, a place of worship with a history stretching back thousands of years: entirely dug into the rock, surrounded by a breathtaking natural landscape, its interior has been embellished by a neoclassical entrance embellished by a frescoed vault, columns and a marble statue of the Archangel from whom the Grotto takes its name and to whom the evocative and picturesque celebrations held in the village every year on 29 September are dedicated.

Minervino Murge

76013 Minervino Murge BT, Italia

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