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Celle di San Vito


Celle di San Vito is the smallest town in Puglia in terms of number of inhabitants. It is a village immersed in nature, surrounded by large expanses of green: beech, oak, ash, pine, poplar and willow forests are the area's natural treasure, a treasure chest where you can encounter splendid animals such as foxes and squirrels. But what most distinguishes Celle from the surrounding area is the presence of an ancient language, the result of the stay of the French soldiers of Charles of Anjou near the village in the 13th century. This encounter has meant that the beautiful sounds of Franco-Provençal speech can still be heard in the village today: together with Faeto, in fact, Celle San Vito is the only Franco-Provençal minority in Apulia. A language that becomes wealth, a legacy of sounds and cadences that enchant like an ancient melody.

Celle di San Vito

71020 Celle di San Vito FG, Italia

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