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The imposing cathedral, the Swabian Castle of Frederick II, the Borgo Vecchio perched on a promontory overlooking the sea, this is what the visitor discovers of Termoli immediately on arrival. But it takes little to realise that here the real heart of everything is the sea. Termoli is the only port in Molise and fishing has always been the soul of the local economy. Witnesses to its most remote history are the splendid trabucchi, ancient fishing machines that tell endless stories of the sea and of life. Not to be missed is the spectacular event that best narrates the town's seafaring soul: the San Basso festival. Every year, on 4 August, the statue of the town's patron saint is carried in procession on boats and fishing boats, in an evocative ritual of sea and faith, as old as the singing of the waves.


86039 Termoli CB, Italia


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