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Ripalimosani, a village set like a diamond in an evocative and fascinating landscape, has rediscovered in recent years an ancient cultivation on which it has decided to focus: this is hemp, produced in large quantities until the mid-1800s and then slowly abandoned, now once again at the centre of quality production. Worth visiting in the village are the Mother Church of Santa Maria Assunta, dating from around 1400, and the Palazzo Marchesale, built around the year 1000. The spiritual heart of the Church is the reproduction of the Holy Shroud, the third reproduction (in chronological order) of the Sacred Linen kept in Turin, painted life-size towards the end of 1500. Finally, one cannot fail to enjoy a glass of wine, which the area produces, guaranteeing excellent quality but above all a special taste.


86025 Ripalimosani CB, Italia

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