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In Upper Molise, amidst cyclopean boulders of stone (the 'Morge'), at the foot of Mount Caraceno lies Pietrabbondante, a village that has been able to preserve the traces of its most ancient history, giving life to a true place of the soul, with an original narrative and a cultural heritage of immense value. In Pietrabbondante, in fact, there are still the remains of the Samnite fortifications on Mount Caraceno and, immediately downstream, a vast archaeological area rich in artifacts, buildings and remains. In this place, the Samnites built a cultural complex consisting of an amphitheatre (the only one of its kind in Italy), a temple and two buildings on either side of it. Visiting this place means going back in time many centuries, breathing in ancient atmospheres that miraculously have not been lost. An interesting fact: the historical centre, of medieval layout, was built precisely with the stones and artifacts from the archaeological site.

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86085 Pietrabbondante IS, Italia


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