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Pescopennataro is the village 'of firs and stone'. In this small town in Molise, in fact, skilled master stonemasons still live here, and in the surrounding area there are splendid forests of white firs, which coexist in great harmony with spruces, beeches and turkey oaks. In Pescopennataro, nature reigns supreme. From the village, the view faces the entire Sangro valley and rests on the 'Bosco dell'Impero' and other woods that make Pescopennataro the ideal place for those who love walking in unspoilt green, in the shade of centuries-old trees. Worth visiting are the 'Chiara Marinelli' stone museum, the village's small, pretty churches and, a few kilometres from the village, the Rio Verde springs.


86080 Pescopennataro IS, Italia

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