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The town is located on a rocky spur – the "pesco" in the name – which is located in the middle of the valleys of the Trigno river to the east and the Savone to the west and in alignment with the Castel di Sangro-Lucera trail, for which it has long served as a refreshment stop for travellers.

Below one of the most impressive castles in Molise, which looks down on the upper Trigno valley from the top of a limestone rock, is an ancient village surrounded by a fortified wall, 750 m long with houses built into it. During the 18th century, under the rule of the D'Alessandro family, what was once a forbidding fortification was transformed into a luxurious palace. At the beginning of the 18th century, Duke Pasquale d'Alessandro, aided by the finest artisans in Capodimonte, opened a majolica and porcelain factory here. In just a few years, the pottery gained widespread acclaim.


86097 Pescolanciano IS, Italia

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