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Due to the magical and fascinating environment in which it is located, Pescolanciano is considered the 'gateway to Alto Molise', an ancient land of traditions still alive, linked to agriculture and breeding. The area of the village is developed along the historical Castel di Sangro - Lucera sheep-track, which, with the exception of the stretch that crossed the village, has still preserved its evocative characteristics of a grassy path. All around the village, gentle hills, plains and cultivated fields stretch as far as the eye can see. In Pescolanciano, the entire village and daily life are in perfect balance with the wild, unspoilt forests and mountain peaks. Man's history, the oldest one, is told by the D'Alessandro Castle, which, from the height of its strategic outpost, controls the landscape like a mighty, silent sentinel guarding the town.


86097 Pescolanciano IS, Italia

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