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In the green and ancient centre of Italy, memories and traces of transhumance still live on, which, following the sheep-tracks, crossed hills, woods and villages. Oratino is immersed in this very atmosphere and, even though the sheep-tracks are no longer there, the products linked to that country life still live on, such as the characteristic cheeses, but also the oil and bread of yesteryear. When we plunge into the streets and alleys of the village, we discover artistic details of great value: the portals, the balconies, the interiors of the churches, all of this has been created by master stonemasons, glassmakers, gilders, painters and blacksmiths who have made this village a treasure trove of extraordinary works of art. Finally, the historical heart of Oratino, the Ducal Palace, is worth a visit. Born as a castle and defensive fortification in the 14th century, it was transformed into a noble residence, preserving intact its ancient charm.


86100 Campobasso CB, Italia

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