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The ancient medieval village of Macchiagodena, dominated by the Matese Massif, rises about 800 metres. Its splendid position has earned the village the nickname 'Terrace on the Matese'. The traces of the past are told by the fortress: strategically placed on a limestone outcrop, with its two towers and thick walls, it testifies to the ancient defensive function of the manor. A curiosity about the castle: in the dungeons, which are now closed, it is said there was an escape route leading to an area of the rock below called 'del precipizio' (of the precipice). Legend has it that the souls of the departed from other eras still haunt the castle in these very tunnels. The fortress plays at the contrast with the nature of the surrounding landscape - light, verdant, delicate. Strength and lightness, in an alternation that enchants the eye.


86096 Macchiagodena IS, Italia

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