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Pantano della Zittola (Feudo Valcocchiara)


A protected area with an unusual landscape

In the Montenero Val Cocchiara municipality, on the border between Molise and Abruzzo, lies the protected area of the Pantano della Zittola. Among the largest peat bogs in Italy, the environment is characterised by the presence of poorly decomposed plant remains. 

The wild and unspoilt landscape is mainly composed of streams and extensive pastures. The water that accumulates during the winter season is absorbed and drained into the soil by the peat over summer, which plays a key role in this habitat and makes it an ideal place for various wildlife species to thrive.

Wolves and marsican bears, which rarely trespass from the neighbouring Abruzzo National Park, are certainly the most difficult to spot, while Pentro horses, a breed of horse native to Molise, graze in the wild in large groups. They will accompany you on walks in the Pantano della Zittola and become the perfect subjects for your holiday snaps.

Pantano della Zittola (Feudo Valcocchiara)

Via Belvedere, 86080 Montenero Val Cocchiara IS, Italia


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