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When the sunset sets the peaks of the Mainarde Mountains ablaze with pink light and the wind stirs the foliage of the trees, Fornelli seems like a magical place, straight out of some poetic and wonderful story. A story that tells of the adventures of ladies and knights and of bloody battles, because the village has managed to retain its ancient charm to this day, with medieval traces that can be read in its walls and architecture, as well as in its seven towers. The heart of the town and the centre in which medieval stories and atmospheres converge is the Baronial Palace, with its circular towers and the appearance of a severe sentinel, softened, however, by Baroque details. A curiosity: in the square overlooked by the Church of San Michele Arcangelo is the fountain dedicated to the Summer, a copy of the sculpture that Mathurin Moreau presented at the 1855 Universal Exhibition in Paris.


86070 Fornelli IS, Italia

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