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Ferrazzano stands in a dominant position atop a high hill, with the outer perimeter closed by an uninterrupted line of houses which you can admire from the valley below. Once called Ferentino, this village was fortified by the Samnites with a mighty wall, of which some remains are still visible today.

A must-see is the medieval castle, which is a typical example of a plain, austere fortress converted into a comfortable residential palace that is still inhabited today. The old town is criss-crossed by narrow paved streets and at the centre is the Church of the Assumption with its Romanesque portal, in a wide and irregularly-shaped space that opens up unexpectedly between the houses. Inside the church is a fine pulpit, resting on four pillars, and a baptismal font.

Another building worth seeing is the theatre, "Teatro del Loto", considered by many to be the most beautiful small theatre in Italy. It has been redeveloped on the site of a 1950's parish hall, and designed according to the principles of feng shui.



86010 Ferrazzano CB, Italia

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