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Riccia, a small Molise village, weaves history and nature together in a harmonious and evocative alternation. The narrow streets, the high stairways, the fortress, all tell of the past and the roots of the village and leave the visitor with the feeling of being able to read in these vestiges the traces of an immortal tale. All around, a still unspoiled nature dominates, with the green and silence of the woods, the beauty of the paths hidden among the vegetation, to be travelled at the slow rhythm of steps, admiring the hills and the sky and listening to the music of creation. For the little ones in Riccia is the Fairytale Forest. An educational trail inside the millenary Mazzocca Wood, which passes on to the latest generations the legends and games of Riccia's popular tradition, in a splendid environmental setting.


86016 Riccia CB, Italia


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