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Overlooking the sandy Adriatic coastline, Campomarino is known particularly for its production of olive oil and wine, making it one of the most visited locations by lovers of Molise food and wine. The vineyards of Doc Biferno flourish along the banks of the river of the same name and produce red, white and rosé wines, mainly based on Montepulciano and Trebbiano Toscano grapes.

Widely developed along the coast, Campomarino retains its oldest remains inland, near the church of S. Maria a Mare, the town's most important place of worship. Romanesque in origin but extensively remodelled during the 18th century, S. Maria a Mare retains suggestive images of its past in its crypt, amidst refined capitals and frescoes.

Part of the population of Campomarino is of arbëreshë origin, an Albanian ethnic group that settled in Italy to escape the Ottoman occupation of the Balkans, as some of the murals scattered here and there on the walls of the old town of Këmarini, as the town is called in the arbëreshë language, visually illustrate.


86042 Campomarino CB, Italia

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