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MAACK, the Kalenarte Open-air Museum of Contemporary Art


Molise’s artistic heritage

In Casacalenda, in the province of Campobasso, is a place where originality is combined with culture: MAACK, the Kalenarte Open-air Museum of Contemporary Art.

Created in 1992, from an idea of architect Massimo Palumbo, in collaboration with the Kalenarte association, MAACK enriches the small Molise village with 21 permanent installations throughout the entire municipal area. 

From the streets to the squares, the woods to the views, the works of this open-air museum rise up, the result of sui generis artistic and cultural experimentation. Welcoming visitors, just outside the village, is the mammoth figure of The Poet, easily 9 metres high and perfectly integrated among the surrounding trees. In the small square near the town hall is the large black and white chessboard, made of natural materials. There is also The Game of the Sun wall mosaic, composed of small stone tiles capable of reflecting light, and the Cuccagna Tree, on which typical local products are hung.

You can choose which route to follow between the red, blue or green route and set out to discover an area that blends tradition and innovation.

MAACK, the Kalenarte Open-air Museum of Contemporary Art

Via Pietracupa, 50, 86043 Casacalenda CB, Italia


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