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The ancient Molisian city of Larino was already known in ancient times: an important settlement of the Italic people of Frentani, it later became a strategic centre of Roman regional policy in this part of Italy.

While the upper town (which is over 300 metres above sea level) reveals a medieval defensive structure, dominated by the mass of the co-cathedral basilica of S. Pardo, the lower, more level town has instead developed in recent times around the archaeological area of (Latin name for Larino).

This "little Rome" with the soul of Molise has preserved part of its identity up to the present day, to be rediscovered among the ruins of an ancient forum, thermal baths and most importantly an imposing amphitheatre. A symbol of the city, the ancient arena of Larino, oval in shape, measured almost 100 metres along its major axis and about 80 along its minor axis, and was probably used for circus and theatre performances. It was a populated and wealthy city in Roman times, as is also shown by the sumptuous mosaics that adorn the floors of the thermal baths.

All around the town, olive trees dominate the landscape, producing a prized product, the town's pride and joy: olive oil of the Gentile di Larino variety.


86035 Larino CB, Italia

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