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Co-cathedral basilica of S. Pardo


Equal in territorial and religious importance with the cathedral of Termoli, the co-cathedral basilica of S. Pardo is the best-known and most recognisable monument in the historic centre of Larino, perched on a hill among olive groves and vineyards.

Francesco Petrini di Lanciano, the greatest representative of Gothic architecture in Abruzzo and Molise, was the architect behind the current facade, dating back to 1319 and enriched by refined sculptural compositions of biblical inspiration. The amazement in front of such decorative richness continues inside the basilica, with frescoes, canvases, tabernacles and altars from different periods, making S. Pardo a unique example of art and architecture in Molise.

But who was the Pardo after whom the church is named, the patron saint of Larino? He was a bishop of Greek origin, and those who happen to be in Larino on 25, 26 and 27 May every year will be able to celebrate the patronal feast together with a large crowd of inhabitants.Ox-drawn carts, sumptuously painted and adorned with colourful flowers, cross the city amidst popular representations and traditions, all waiting to be discovered.

Co-cathedral basilica of S. Pardo

Via Leone, 86035 Larino CB, Italia

Call +390875707148

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