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San Ginesio


A view from the “Balcony of the Sibillini”

Located within the Monti Sibillini National Park, San Ginesio is a magical inland village in the Marche region that, despite the 2016 earthquake, still retains its precious beauty. Its streets and alleys transport the visitor to a distant time, to the era of the Middle Ages and the Risorgimento.

The panorama from the “Colle Ascarano” park is stunning, reason for which it is nicknamed “Balcony of the Sibillini”: from here, sensational scenery opens up over a valley that begins at the Gran Sasso and ends at the Conero.
The heart of the town is undoubtedly enclosed by the imposing castle walls and Porta Picena. Walking through the centre, one breathes in the authentic Italian atmosphere, despite the fact that the village is still deeply scarred by the earthquake disaster. In Piazza Gentili, where the “Giacomo Leopardi” Theatre and the Civic Tower stand, the earthquake is unfortunately still visible, to the extent that they are still uninhabitable today.

Among the most important buildings, the St. Paul's Pilgrims' Hospital, formerly the domus hospitales of the pilgrims on their way, occupies a place of honour. Also unmissable is the Museo Civico e Pinacoteca Antica “Scipione Gentili”, an exhibition of works of art by artists of the calibre of De Magistris, as well as a trip to Ripe di San Ginesio, small fairytale medieval village.

Like any self-respecting itinerary, we end at the table to sample the culinary excellence typical of the area by ordering a plate of Polentone di San Ginesio and a glass of San Ginesio doc wine.  

San Ginesio

62026 San Ginesio MC, Italia

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