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Frontino is a tiny village, the smallest, in terms of population, in its entire province. Its territory is located in the Sasso Simone and Simoncello Natural Park: in Pian dei Prati, during the summer months, a very interesting Fauna Park can be visited. Its mediaeval history is closely intertwined with that of the Montefeltro family, who dominated the territory for centuries. The elements that most define and tell the story of this village are the 13th-century convent of Montefiorentino, which, according to tradition, was founded by St. Francis in 1213, and the 14th-century watermill, known as Ponte Vecchio, now 'home' of the Bread Museum. Wonderful views can be admired from the village. But there is a peculiarity about this landscape that surrounds the village: the stones of the Mutino river are the same ones used to pave the village streets, the same ones that were used to erect towers, walls and to build the fountains by Franco Assetto, an artist of Turin origin who inspired the 'Baroque Ensembliste' artistic movement, and who left many of his works to this municipality, which later dedicated the museum located in the historic centre to him.



61021 Frontino PU, Italia

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