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The village is still enclosed by the castle walls lapped by the Esino river. The Town Hall was built in the 14th century as the fortified residence of the Da Varano family, Lords of the Duchy of Camerino. During restoration work, a precious cycle of frescoes was rediscovered depicting a parade of knights, probably to be identified with some members of the family. Among the sacred buildings, we recommend a visit to the Church of Santa Maria Maddalena with precious works of art, the ancient parish church of Santa Anatolia and the Abbey of Sant'Angelo "infra Ostia". The area lends itself to cycling, mountain biking and walking itineraries, such as the one that runs along the main course of the Esino river, near the springs, leading to the Hermitage of San Pietro. The nearby Mount Gemmo is a popular destination for hang-gliding and paragliding enthusiasts. The historic centre and monuments are partially accessible.


62024 Esanatoglia MC, Italia

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