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10 February 2023 - 04 December 2023

The Strada Collection in Vigevano: almost 30 centuries of history in over 260 exhibits


In the oldest Stables of the Sforzesco Castle in Vigevano, from February 10th to December 4th 2023. The complete exhibition of the Strada Collection, recently acquired by the Ministry of Culture to guarantee its unitary conservation, study and exhibition.

Designed by the Lombardy Regional Museums Directorate and the Lomellina National Archaeological Museum, the exhibition displays to the public the pieces collected by Antonio Strada (1904 - 1968), kept until 2021 in the Castello di Scaldasole, family home.

This important collection consists of 260 finds, mostly found during agricultural work. These include commonly used ceramics, figurative terracottas, ornamental objects, metal tools and glass. Among them, there is an exceptional piece of glass production, a decorated glass cup dating back to the first century after Christ. One of a kind: a marvel of Middle Eastern workmanship destined for a wealthy and high-ranking family.

Strada did not limit himself to collecting the artifacts found on his property but added others purchased from collectors in the Lomellina area.

After the long period of exposition, the selected finds from the Strada Collection will become an integrated part of the museum itinerary of the National Archaeological Museum of Lomellina.


Tuesday - Friday 9 a.m. - 2 p.m. 

Saturday and Sunday 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.


Free admission



Free admission

Palazzo Ducale Vigevano

Piazza Ducale, 27029 Vigevano PV, Italia


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