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07 October 2022 - 08 January 2023

The eagerly awaited exhibition on Pisanello returns to Mantua


Fifty years after the exhibition that showed the world the surprising discovery of the decorative cycle painted by Pisanello in the Palazzo Ducale in Mantua, the Palace is launching a new exhibition, revealing the Sala dei Papi and a room dedicated to the artist. Approximately 100 square metres of frescoes and sinopia sketches, using mixed techniques dating from 1430–1433, were removed and placed here more than 50 years ago. Today they have been arranged to be appreciated fully, highlighting this exceptional find – a true jewel in the crown of Italy’s artistic heritage.

The new lighting system allows visitors to see the paintings at their best, bringing out the reflections of the golden inserts and the magnificent details of the design. The installation of a raised platform ensures observers are standing at the same height as the artist – the hall has been renovated over time, lowering the floor by at least 110 cm.

The “new” route allows the public to rediscover Pisanello’s rich detail, sinuous lines and extraordinary minutiae, from the correct viewpoint. 


Curated by Stefano L’Occaso, the exhibition involves two large rooms on the “piano nobile”: the Sala del Pisanello and the adjoining Sala dei Papi, as well as the rooms on the ground floor which are set up as an overview of late Gothic culture in Mantua, displaying an excellent selection of paintings, sculptures and miniatures

Interactive multimedia devices will complete the exhibition: using touchscreen monitors, visitors will be able to view all the details of the Arthurian Cycle at a magnification never seen before and navigate through an accurate three-dimensional reconstruction of the Sala del Pisanello when it was still called the “Sala dei Principi” or Princes’ Room – prior to the discovery of Pisanello’s work.


Tuesday - Sunday from 8.15 to19.15



For access and ticket prices of the event check the official website




For access and ticket prices of the event check the official website


Ducal Palace of Mantua

Piazza Sordello, 40, 46100 Mantova MN, Italy

Call +390376352100 Website

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