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The history of Verezzi is linked to a legend, which still circulates through the village, told in half-voice, like a secret: it is said that Saracen pirates fell in love with this land and, not wanting to leave it, abandoned their trade and settled here. One thing is certainly true in this story: the beauty of the village and its sea, the enchantment of a village where the rhythms are those of the past, a village that enters the heart of those who come to discover it. And if the village looks down on the sea from above, Borgio, on the coast, has the sea in its soul, in every gesture of its people, in the musicality of their voices. Not to be missed, then, is the Theatre Festival that every year transforms the small village into an open-air stage, when national premieres are staged here, in the piazza of S. Agostino, a balcony over the sea, under the stars, a step away from the waves.


17022 Verezzi SV, Italia

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