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Sestri Levante


The village of Sestri Levante rises in a spectacular landscape and, with its peninsula dividing the 'two seas' of the Baia del Silenzio and the Baia delle Favole, is one of the most enchanting places people can choose as a destination for a trip. A city of art and culture, its beaches of fine sand are famous, but the beach that best encapsulates the village's soul is at Riva Trigoso: here, every day, fishermen set off to sea, repeating the same ancient gestures for centuries, like a prayer to the sea, so that it will be generous. And the sea is always at the heart of the activities that make travellers' stay special: sailing, windsurfing, canoeing, swimming, but also diving to discover the wrecks sunk during World War II off the coast of Sestri. Finally, the role of the village in literature should not be forgotten: Hans Christian Andersen, who loved this village of sea and traditions, often stayed here in the 19th century, and it is to the famous writer that the town has named an important literary prize linked to the world of children's fiction.

Sestri Levante

16039 Sestri Levante GE, Italia

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