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Noli is a seaside village: in fact, an important part of its history, that of a Maritime Republic protected by the Republic of Genoa, is born from the sea. For the fishermen's beach, for the wealth of fish, for the majestic cliffs overlooking the sea and the small secret coves that offer glimpses of rare beauty, this town has always tuned its life to the sinuous and mysterious rhythm of the waves. Fishing has maintained over time the use of the sciabica, a trawl net, and this tradition became a Slow Food presidium in 2014. But Noli is also land, and in this dual and fascinating identity stand out the natural areas that surround the town and the beautiful paths that accompany travellers on the hills overlooking the town, where the gaze wanders to the sea and the air is laden with the scent of the pine forests. Land and sea, the smell of saltiness and woods, a wealth to be enraptured by.


17026 Noli SV, Italia

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