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The village of Laigueglia is a small town with a maritime soul. You can breathe in a unique atmosphere of saltiness and intense light as you stroll through the small squares overlooking the beach, passing by the wharf and the boathouse where the fishermen gather to mend their nets... everything smells of the sea, everything tells of a life spent in symbiosis with the waves and intertwined with the ancient gestures of fishing. Climbing up towards Colla Micheri, you reach the tiny medieval village and approach Capo Mele, the point on the continent closest to Corsica, an ancient place of departures, arrivals and exchanges by sea. On the ridge, the lighthouse and the small church of the Madonna delle Penne, where a ceremony for sailors and fishermen is held on 5 August, help tell a story in which the sea is the real protagonist, a sea that still today is at the heart of the village's life, its customs and rituals.


17053 Laigueglia SV, Italia

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