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Genoa Old Port


An ancient maritime square you can experience even today

The soul of Genoa is in its Old Port, which was reborn thanks to Renzo Piano's project in 1992 to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the discovery of America. The hills behind the city and the colourful houses form the backdrop to this large maritime square overlooking the Mediterranean.

In the Old Port of Genoa, you can stroll, eat, admire the view, enjoy the sunset, meet friends, go shopping or go to the cinema, to the swimming pool or to an exhibition. There are must-see attractions to visit, such as theAquarium built for Expo 92 in a 27,000 square-metre complex, the largest in Italy.

A short distance away is the Galeone, a 63-metre vessel built in 1986 for cinematic use. For a deeper exploration of the relationship between Genoa and the sea, there is the Galata Museum: its rooms are a veritable vessel for a journey through time.

Want to enjoy a panoramic view of Genoa from above? Take the Bigo, the panoramic lift. For little ones, a must-visit is the City of Children and Kids, an interactive, multimedia play area in the Cotton Warehouses, used in the 19th century to store goods. Also not to be missed is the Biosphere, a glass and steel structure housing a tropical ecosystem.

Genoa Old Port

Porto Antico, Genova GE, Italia

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