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Between sea, tradition and history

Known for its seafront promenade and for being the birthplace of Christopher Columbus, the municipality of Cogoleto is the last in the province of Genoa on the Riviera di Ponente. Popular in summer but also a place to visit in winter, the Ligurian town lives mainly on tourism, thanks to its 3 kilometres of equipped beach.

Its seafront promenade, called Lungomare Europa, is the longest in the Ponente (western part of Italy) and offers a promenade, which can be covered on foot or by bicycle, that connects it to Varazze. Spending a holiday in Cogoleto means experiencing a few days of relaxation, immersing yourself in the ancient and historically rich soul of the place.

If you are lucky enough to be there, walk through the old town, explore the famous alleyways and the ancient kilns that have been used for centuries to produce lime, visit the Town Hall and the Parish Church of Santa Maria Maggiore. And then, look up to admire the ancient defence towers, witnesses to the glorious past of the coastal town. Of course, an outside visit to Christopher Columbus' house in Via Rati is not to be missed.


16016 Cogoleto GE, Italia

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