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Porticoes, alleyways and craft shops

Chiavari is located at the confluence of five valleys: Val d'Aveto, Valle Fontanabuona, Valle Sturla, Val Graveglia and Val Petronio. It is a town with a lively historic centre characterised by porticoes, and is surrounded by lush nature, which provides beautiful scenery.

Due to its location, it was an important commercial centre since the Middle Ages and today is the heart of the Tigullio, one of the most important tourist ports in Liguria. The marina and the waterfront promenade are the soul of this place, but don't miss a tour of the porticoed streets of the historical centre, called Borgolungo. Keep your head up to admire the 19th-century buildings and be surprised by the small squares that suddenly open.

The most lively area of the centre is Carruggio Dritto, the street that cuts through the historic centre with shops, craft shops and bars with outdoor tables where you can taste the Sorrisi di Chiavari, the city's typical liqueur chocolates. At sunset, the right place is Piazzetta dei Pescatori, perfect for watching the sun go down over the Riviera.


16043 Chiavari GE, Italia

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