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Church of Santa Maria Assunta


The church overlooking the sea

Built on what is called the ancient medieval island, near the iconic harbour, the Church of Santa Maria Assunta is the spiritual heart of Camogli. It is accessible from the harbour, via a grand staircase leading up to the façade, the elegant simplicity of which contrasts sharply with the opulent interior.

The structure is divided into three naves, all decorated in Baroque style with gilded stucco, polychrome marble, crystal chandeliers and colourful frescoes on the vaulted ceiling. In the side chapels, you can admire works by artists of the Genoese school, including Francesco Semino and Nicolò Barabino. Also worth visiting are the high altar by Andrea Casareggio and the wooden choir. Everything is illuminated by the warm light of candles, making the experience even more atmospheric.

After visiting the Church, you can head on to admire the nearby Dragonara Castle, a medieval fortress overlooking the sea. From there, you can enjoy breathtaking panoramic views of the whole of Camogli, including its port and pastel-coloured houses.

Church of Santa Maria Assunta

Via Isola, 19, 16032 Camogli GE, Italia

Call +390185770130

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