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Framura is a welcoming place, a small wonder nestled between the sea and the hills: the village slides towards the sea, offering glimpses of incredible beauty, and the scent of saltiness rises from the coast towards the centre of the town, like a gentle magic. The village is dominated by the remains of the ancient castle, but the heart of the settlement is close to the sea. This is where life is at its most intense, between the tiny harbour and the coves where it is possible to bathe, between the red rocks of the bay that glow with light at sunset and the mysteries of the seabed, where the most experienced divers can dive and go to discover the numerous wrecks on the bottom of these waters. Behind the sea and its teeming life, there is the calm of the greenery and nature, where you can enjoy pleasant walks and excellent breaks to taste local dishes.


19014 Framura SP, Italia

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