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Castelbianco has a soul where the sea and the mountain live intertwined, two strong, archaic elements. Arriving here one already breathes the mountain air, but the sea is still close by, as if it had accompanied the traveller along the route, holding his hand. The village enchants with its grace: restored after the earthquake, it fascinates with the beauty of its stone houses with their characteristic white-framed windows, and with the typical cobbled caruggi. Surrounded by olive trees, the village is faced by the ruins of the old Clavesana castle that gave its name to the village and you can still admire the ancient stone bridges dating back to the Middle Ages with their typical hump-backed shape. Nature envelops the village, the landscape allows its deep green to shine through and the silence cloaked in beauty welcomes those seeking a place that is a refreshment for the eyes and soul.


17030 Colletta SV, Italia

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