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Boccadasse is located a few steps from the centre of Genoa, but its strong identity makes it a village in its own right, a small village that caresses the big city and where, however, the rhythms are slower, as if stuck in a past that repeats itself day after day. 

The heart of everything here is the sea: Boccadasse is in fact a village with a maritime essence and every aspect of it talks about this strong identity.

The white and grey pebbles, the colourful fishermen's houses, the small harbour always full of life, the boats and nets woven and adjusted by the patient hands of the fishermen.

Everything here tells of the sea and its eternal history, a history that has also forged the soul of the inhabitants of this small village, people with a seafaring heart, strong and gentle, like the waves of the sea.


Boccadasse, Genova GE, Italia

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