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Borgio Verezzi Panoramic Ring


A breathtaking nature route in the Riviera di Ponente

Mediterranean scrubland, artistic and architectural beauty, and idyllic sea views. You can find all this and more along the Borgio Verezzi Panoramic Ring, a beautiful route that winds through the Riviera di Ponente. If you are looking for a stunning trekking route in Liguria, this is one not to be missed.

It starts in Borgio, which gives its name to the entire trail. You can leave your car in the unpaved car park about 800 metres from the level crossing. From there, take Via Nazario Sauro and follow the signs for Verezzi.

The route is suitable for everyone and you will spend 3-4 hours passing through several natural settings, one more diverse than the next. To satisfy your curiosity, you will find multiple information panels that describe in detail what you will find along your way. Geology enthusiasts can admire the extraordinary stratification of the rocks and the numerous quarries, from which Verezzi stone was once extracted.

Be sure to stop for a well-deserved break by the Phoenician Mill, the highest point of the entire Ring, offering breathtaking views. We also recommend visiting the Sanctuary of Maria Regina Mundi, the Church of San Martino and the Valdemino caves.

Borgio Verezzi Panoramic Ring

Sentiero Natura, Verezzi SV, Italia

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