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Springs from ancient natural pools 

Just outside Viterbo, near the military airport and only 2.5 kilometres from the city centre, lies the perfect location for relaxation: the Bullicame sulphur springs.

Known as far back as the Etruscan period as the site of thermal baths, the Bullicame spring was documented back in the Middle Ages as a crossing point along the Via Francigena and is even mentioned by Dante Alighieri in The Divine Comedy.

Set within a large natural park, which is free to access, the Bullicame waters flow at a toasty temperature of 58 degrees Celsius, bubbling up from underground. You can enjoy a pleasant thermal bath in two open-air pools, surrounded by a picturesque landscape. The first, smaller, oval-shaped pool is located under the shade of a leafy tree: it receives warm thermal water directly from the spring, unlike the second, larger, elongated pool, the warm waters of which are perfect for quick invigorating dips.

The Bullicame area is surrounded by a tiny botanical garden with a pond. In the thermal crater from which the spring water gushes you can find a stone stele, on which verses written by Dante immortalising the spring are engraved.

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Bullicame, 01100 Viterbo VT, Italia

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