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Climb with sea views, by Sperlonga and Gaeta

Spectacular climbing routes along cliffs that sink into the sea, a majestic shoreline

27 July 2022

3 minutes

The Southern Lazio coastline between Sperlonga and Gaeta is a very popular destination for climbers, passing by these parts you’d understand why. The climbs are innumerable and by choosing the right one you could dedicate yourself to climbing in every season. The names of the climbing spots evoke history and myths, the landscape utterly enchanting.

Walls for all four seasons

One of the climbs most loved by passionate climbers is the Parete del Chiromante on Monte Vannellamare: the limestone wall owes its popularity to its easy access, getting there through pathways opening out into wonderful scenery as you reach the top.

For an emotive experience, stop off at Spigolo Ferrante and have a look around: it has a panoramic view, watching the sun set here will give you tingles. The Castello Invisibile at Sperlonga is suitable for beginners or those who prefer easy routes; the climbs, about twenty or so, are in the shade, so good even in summer time.

The Moneta, is quite the opposite, it's the perfect climb for winter, taking advantage of its sunny facade with no breezes.  Lastly, la Palestra del Pueblo, which due to its particular rock configuration lends itself to being tackled even on rainy days.

Wild and overhanging

At Gaeta the Arenauta beach is dominated by an imposing cliff that is suitable for the most daring and those who enjoy the thrill of an overhang. The cave climb La grotta, offers climbs with overhangs, plus the geological wonders of concretions, stalactites and strategic holes. The many routes of the Approdo dei Proci, a name from Greek mythology, start directly from the fine golden sands of the beach itself, a quick dip and moment to enjoy the beach it is a must.

The not so easy to reach Arenauta beach, 300 steps or a winding path to get there, makes it a place visited by few, nestled between wild nature and crystal clear waters. 

The sea spilt cliff

Still in the area around Gaeta the Montagna Spaccata cliff rises up, a sea cliff divided into two blocks of limestone. The sea flowing through the middle. Legend has it that the cliff separated at the time of Christ’s crucifixion, it is also a pilgrimage destination.

You can climb up to 120 metres above sea level, always with a sea view. To reach the base you can choose the traditional climbers method, abseiling, along the Via dei Camini, or on small boats, paying close attention to the undercurrents. A fascinating way to experience a combination of sea, mountains, scenery and sport.

Buffalo mozzarella and Gaeta olives, set the table

Between the cliffs in the southern Pontino area, on the Sant’Agostino plain, everyone knows the welcoming restaurant that has become the historic meeting point for climbers over the years. It’s called Ristoro da Guido and has been run by the same family for generations. The owners offer free parking even for camper vans and caravans, to sports enthusiasts, and offer showers too. Here is where you come to relax and have a chat with your fellow climbers, but also to eat the buffalo mozzarella from Campania, a speciality for which the place is known. If you are particularly hungry, you can choose the big size, half a kilo accompanied with Gaeta olives. From the menu the tielle ripiene, savoury tart with various fillings, is also a traditional Gaeta dish. If you pass by make sure to order the traditional version with octopus. You’ll be glad you did.

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