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Immersed in the Monti Simbruini Natural Park, amidst the intense green of the woods and the grandeur of the rock, rises Subiaco, the cradle of Benedictine monasticism.

Its history begins with the legendary decision of Nero to have his villa built here, the remains of which are still visible. But the village is above all the fulcrum of the Benedictine Way: here lived Saint Benedict of Norcia, who founded no less than thirteen monasteries in the area, some of which are still visible today. Not to be missed is, among them, the Sacro Speco, carved into the rock, rich in frescoes: to admire its beauty, one follows evocative paths carved into the mountain, until one finds oneself in front of a moving portrait of Saint Francis, the only one in which he is depicted alive, without a halo.


00028 Subiaco RM, Italia

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