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A jewel in the Monti Lucretili Park, on a spur almost 600 metres above the sea level, Percile appears against the backdrop of the Cimate delle Serre, a magnificent glance. It perserves the spirit of the medieval village, with narrow streets, picturesque views and exposed stone houses, the Palazzo Borghese and the church of Santa Lucia, once a palace chapel, the fulcrum of town life animated by festivals and celebrations all year round: in December the Sagra della Ramiccia is dedicated to the very fine fettuccine made with 1,500 eggs; in May the Festa dei Laghi opens the outdoor excursion season. And the Lagustelli, the two karst lakes in a protected wetland area, are the perfect destination for walks, horseback rides, mountain biking, with willows lapping the water and fragrant air, in an unspoilt natural setting of woods and beautiful clearings. Excellent wild asparagus and chestnuts, ingredients of a traditional gastronomy of genuine flavours.


00020 Percile RM, Italia

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