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A hamlet of the municipality of Priverno, Fossanova is an enchanting medieval village, enclosed in the evocative setting of the famous Cistercian abbey of Santa Maria. The abbey, founded by the Benedictines in the 9th century, has a characteristic three-nave plan on pillars, with a transept and rectangular choir. The right side of the church gives access to the cloister, the refectory and the chapter house, all of which are rich in fascinating architectural elements. Thomas Aquinas died at the Abbot's house in 1274.

In the village, made up of ancient buildings in the local limestone, there is also the ,Medieval Museum set up in the ancient Cistercian guesthouse, where you can relive the life of the time through materials from excavations conducted in the area.

Among the many typical products to be tasted are dairy products derived from buffalo, such as mozzarella (made exclusively from whole milk to which only rennet and salt is added), ricotta, caciotta, primo sale and meat and sausages, such as stews, hams and sausages

Not to be missed, in August, is the Medieval Festival, a historical re-enactment of period traditions and dances accompanied by ancient flavours.


04015 Fossanova LT, Italia

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