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Ponza: living a daydream on a small island

Ponza is considered the most fascinating island of the Pontine archipelago and one of the most important maritime resorts of the entire area. When you set foot on the island of Ponza you will clearly understand why.

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In the meantime, let's consider some of the notable aspects of this pearl of the Mediterranean and its mosaic of wonderful scenery and facilities situated in an area of less than 8 square kilometres.

A rocky coastline, cliffs overlooking the sea and various enchanting gorges enclosing small sandy beaches and basins of pure crystalline water are particular characteristics that render this island a unique venue. The interior of the island, which is of volcanic origin, is no exception and you will be captivated by its fascinating archaeological sites and small villages.

Beaches you should certainly visit which can be reached by sea or on foot

Beaches you should certainly visit which can be reached by sea or on foot

The beaches on the island of Ponza may be divided into two categories: those that can be explored on foot and those that can only be reached by boat.

The surfaces of almost all of them, however, are covered in gravel and pebbles, so we would suggest you wear rubber shoes if, in addition to basking in the sun, you would like to explore these areas.

Among those that can be reached by land, be sure to visit the Cala Feola beach, one of the very few on the island that are covered in sand. It can be reached by following a path that starts from the Villaggio dei Pescatori, and, thanks to its convenient features it became the most popular local venue for families with children.

Then, there is the Scogliera delle Piscine Naturali where natural pools of crystalline water with fascinating hues are surrounded by tall cliffs. The Cala dell'Acqua is also a very beautiful site and this is where you might try to organise a boat trip with one of the local boatmen.

With regard to beaches that can only be reached by sea you will be spoiled for choice. It is certainly worth visiting Cala Gaetano, a bay situated in the far northern stretch of the island that can also be reached by swimming from the small beaches at the Punta dell'Ebreo. 

Don't forget the Scoglio della Tartaruga!

Don't forget the Scoglio della Tartaruga!

This rock formation, which can be seen from località Le Forna, has a form that might remind us of the contours of a sea turtle. This rock is easily reached by walking along a path that begins at a point close to the church in the village of Le Forna. At the end of the track you will discover a cove with a breathtaking view. 

A village where it seems we are in a film set

A village where it seems we are in a film set

Moving beyond the fascinating little bays and coves, we should spend some time at Ponza, the main town on the island, which, with its many multi-coloured structures and dwellings, acquires the appearance of a cinematographic setting. Santa Maria is yet another splendid location where fewer tourists are present and with its small harbour the village acquires a decidedly poetical appeal.

The archaeological sites on the island, which are also quite extraordinary, include a much admired tunnel hewn out of tufa limestone, connecting the port of Ponza to the Chiaia di Luna beach and dating back to the Augustan period. Ancient necropolis complexes carved into the rock at Guarini and Bagno Vecchio are other fascinating places worth visiting.

Finally, the numerous Roman villas are worthy of note. In particular, an ancient residential complex dating back to the Roman Republican Age which is situated on the Punta della Madonna promontory and a villa in the Sant'Antonio district with architectural structures installed at different levels are very interesting sites.

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