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Faggeta del Monte Cimino


Where centuries-old beech trees meet the magic of the seasons

An ideal destination for anyone who loves nature and long walks, the Faggeta Vetusta of the Cimini Mountains was declared a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site in 2017, as proof of its extraordinary beauty and importance. The beech forest, with an extension of about 50 hectares, is among the most majestic and imposing in central Italy and best explored on foot, horseback or mountain bike. It develops along the slopes of Mount Cimino, the highest peak of the Lazio Antiappennine chain of the Cimini Mountains and the entire province of Viterbo.

The beech forest, with its centuries-old trees, can amaze visitors all year round. In spring, its blooms cover it with colour. In summer, it offers shelter from the heat. In autumn it bewitches with the scent of damp wood and mushrooms. Finally, in winter it is cloaked in white snow.

Points of interest along the trail include the Torretta and protohistoric site at the summit, the trachytes, the Rupe, or “tottering stone”, and the centuries-old Beech trees, the tallest in Europe.

Faggeta del Monte Cimino

Faggeta del Monte Cimino, 01038 Soriano nel Cimino VT, Italia

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