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Picturesquely situated on the top of a steep hill, it was called Aspra until 1947, a name that suited it and still resonates in the village. You can only enter the tidy and characteristic old town centre on foot, passing through a gate and then plunging through narrow streets and small stairways that climb to the top of the village, where the town hall and the parish church of St John the Baptist with its bell tower dating back to 1200 are located. Also worth a visit are the Church of the Annunziata (17th century) and, just outside the village to the north, the Church of Santa Maria di Legarano, with a large portico and attached to a former monastery. This church was built on an earlier Roman villa of which remains such as the mosaic floors visible in the sacristy and preserves terracotta figures by 16th-century Abruzzi artists. There are also interesting and pleasant hikes in the surrounding area, such as the one leading to the church of San Salvatore atop the scenic Monte Fiolo.


02041 Casperia RI, Italia

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