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In the Liri Valley, in the Ciociaria, Arpino is a village that is not too large but home to many illustrious people: from Cicero to Caio Mario, from Marco Agrippa, who was the architect of the Pantheon in Rome, to the artists Giuseppe Cesari (the Cavalier d'Arpino) and Domenico Mastroianni, ancestor of the famous film Marcello.

Arpino is brimming with museums and exhibitions. The permanent collection of the Mastroianni Foundation includes more than 100 pieces, including sketches, paintings, bronzes, paintings on jute, silk-screen prints. The Museum of Violin-Making holds several collections, while the Museum of Typographic Artscollects equipment and furnishings from the Fraioli Publishing House, in operation since the end of the 19th century. Those interested in industrial archaeology can make a visit to the Museum of Wool Art.

The historic centre should be explored by taking a leisurely stroll, starting from Piazza Municipio, passing through the Civita Falconara district, with its elegant 18th- and 19th-century buildings, to the 15th-century Castle, founded by Ladislaus of Naples and imposing, with the adjacent church, housed in a polygonal tower.


Via dell'Aquila Romana, 2 – 03033 Arpino (FR)

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