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Italy's best ice-skating rinks

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Among the most popular winter activities, ice skating holds a special place: with its figures, glides, spins and jumps, it is a sport that not only works all the muscles and burns calories, but also improves the mood. Even for those who step onto the ice for the first time.

So here is a list of the most beautiful rinks in Italy where you can dance on ice this winter.

In Valle d’Aosta, the natural ice rink at Lake Gover

valle d'aosta lake gover

In the enchanting Valle d'Aosta town of Gressoney-Saint-Jean, just a few steps from the town centre, is Lake Gover, an artificial sheet of water that in winter turns into a spectacular ice rink open to the public from December 2022 to mid-March 2023.

Here, you can experience the thrill of skating among pine and fir trees, with a splendid view of the Monte Rosa Massif. Thanks to its lighting system, the rink also gives you the experience of skating outdoors at night, from 9pm to 11pm.

Once you have taken off your skates, take the Queen's walk, which in about 30 minutes, along an easy path through the woods, will take you to the Savoy Castle.

From the Palavela to the Omegna float: here are the skating rinks in Piedmont

piedmont from the palavela to the omegna floating track

If you are in Turin, you must not miss one of the most beautiful ice rinks in Italy: the Palavela ice rink, which during the festive season is enhanced with scenic decorations, coloured lights and themed music, for a truly magical atmosphere.

Open from October 2022 to January 2023, the rink also provides the opportunity to skate in the evening, from 9pm to 11pm or midnight, depending on the day.

But the most eagerly awaited new addition for skating enthusiasts in Piedmont is the Omegna rink, in the middle of Lake Orta: a floating platform, composed not of ice but of Teflon panels, which still allow skates to glide. The rink will remain in use until 27 January 2023.

The magic of Christmas in Lombardy, amidst the Bagni Misteriosi and the Christmas Village

lombardy mystery baths and christmas village

Moving on to Milan, stop off at the historic Agorà ice rink for a private lesson or a public skating session. Or, why not soak up the magical atmosphere of the Bagni Misteriosi, whose pool, in winter, is transformed into a large skating rink surrounded by water fountains, shows and artistic performances. After skating, warm up at one of the refreshment points with a hot chocolate, mulled wine or roasted chestnuts.

Not to be outdone is the partially covered and heated double ice skating rink at the Indro Montanelli Gardens in Porta Venezia. Surrounded by the wooden cabins, markets and fairground rides of the Christmas Village, at 1,000 square metres, this rink is especially popular with children.

Outdoor and indoor skating at the Ice Rink Piné in Trentino

trentino alto adige rink pine

The tour of ice skating rinks also makes a stop in Trentino: at the Ice Rink Piné ice stadium, located on the plateau of the same name in Baselga di Piné, a 30x60 metre indoor rink and a 400 metre outdoor ring await you.

For children to take their first steps on the ice, you can hire cute teddy bears or penguins for support.

If, on the other hand, you are already experienced, go for pirouettes and arabesques, skating on the edge of a blade and to the rhythm of music.

Skating rinks in Emilia Romagna? The MiMa On Ice circular rink awaits you

emilia romagna the ice roundabout mima on ice

And between a stroll to recharge your lungs with iodine and filling up with a piadina, the circular rink in Milano Marittima, MiMa on Ice, is an unmissable destination: 900 square metres of ice for a skate around the Rotonda I Maggio, in the most glamorous resort on the Romagna Riviera. 

In Tuscany you will find the longest rink in Europe: the Florence Ice Village

toscana florence ice village

Skating is back on Europe's longest ice rink: the Florence Ice Village, this year more 'green' than ever. Indeed, the energy used comes from renewable sources and the latest-generation ice machines drastically reduce consumption.

300 metres long, framing the Florentine Fortezza da Basso and providing a unique experience for adults and children alike.

Roman rinks for fun on ice

lazio the roman ice rinks

If you are in the capital and love to skate, you can choose from a number of options. In the area of the former Farnesina polygon, between the Olympic Stadium and Ponte Milvio, is Ice Christmas, a real Nordic-style Christmas Village with a huge ice rink.
In Via della Batteria di Porta Furba, on the other hand, a skating rink that respects the planet awaits you: the Christmas Village, made of eco-friendly ice.

You can choose to skate under the stars at the Polar Park in Mezzocammino, Rome's first indoor skating rink, but with an outdoor route that meanders more than 100 metres through the park.

Don't miss Cinecittà World's Regno del Ghiaccio (Ice Kingdom) and its gigantic indoor snow park where, as well as skating, you can slide on snow on rubber dinghies whizzing along snow-covered hillsides, or become a child again and take part in real snowball fights.

Finally, there is the historic Palaghiaccio di Mentana, the only Olympic ice rink in central and southern Italy, where you can have fun with the whole family.

The Mugnano ice rink is the largest in central and southern Italy

campania in mugnano the largest track in the centre south

We conclude our tour in one of the ancient hamlets of the Kingdom of Naples: Mugnano.

The shopping centre of the same name hosts the 2nd edition of Mugnano sul Ghiaccio, where you will find the Xtraice synthetic ice rink, which at 300 square metres is the largest in central-southern Italy.

Whatever your destination, ice skating in Italy is always about unique experiences. Whether it is the location or the technology, you will feel like you are living in an ice dream.

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