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Lago di Acerenza


Days of nature and relaxation

Lake Acerenza is among the jewels of Basilicata. Created in 1984 after the construction of the dam that blocked the course of the Bradano river, this clear stretch of water is an unmissable destination. Nestled in the Lucanian Apennines, it is immersed in dense forests and a precious ecosystem typical of the Apennine area.

Walking through the forests of the Vulture-Alto Bradano, you can encounter a variety of wild animals. The Lake Acerenza area is a magical place for birdwatchers, while a rich variety of fish species also thrive in the lake. You can also enjoy canoe trips down the Bradano river and hiking or biking along the Lucanian Apennine trails.

Perched atop a hill and nicknamed “the cathedral city” because of its renowned church dedicated to St Mary of the Assumption and Saint Canius, Acerenza retains an atmosphere of yesteryear in its narrow streets.
We recommend visiting the Parco delle Cantine (Park of the Cellars), where you can explore the ancient caves carved into the sandstone rock, formerly used for wine processing.

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Lago di Acerenza

Lago di Acerenza, Provincia di Potenza, Italia

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