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Sports tourism takes a cruise: discover Italy on the golf course

A cruise around the Mediterranean Sea, stopping off at some of Italy's most prestigious golf clubs, for an unforgettable opportunity to relax.

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Sports holidays are becoming increasingly fashionable. It may be the hectic pace of everyday life and the scarcity of free time, but carving out a space to devote yourself to your favourite sport, while on the one hand a pipe dream, is also a burning desire, and all the more so when it comes to golf. 

A holiday is about reconnecting with yourself

golf courses cruise

Travel is the perfect opportunity to discover new places, immerse oneself in local life and, at the same time, allow oneself a few hours a day to keep fit and have fun.

And so, companies, tourist boards and local administrations are taking up this new trend by adapting the concept of sports tourism in their own way. An example is the proposal by the Italian company Costa Crociere.

Golf and a cruise? A new combination

golf e crociera

A week around the western Mediterranean dedicated to golf, calling at Italian cities such as Savona, Palermo and Rome. This is the idea behind the Cruise & Golf concept launched by Costa Crociere, Official Cruise Line of the 2023 Ryder Cup and Official Supplier of the Italian Golf Federation, for autumn 2022 and throughout 2023.

If you have already been on board a cruise, you will be familiar with the advantages of this type of holiday. During sailing hours you can relax and enjoy the many options on board: shows and performances, an aqua park, spa and gym, bars open at all hours, restaurants of all kinds, games rooms and much more.

During the day, on the other hand, you have the opportunity to explore the area, discovering new places, tasting unique food, immersing yourself in local culture, or enjoying exclusive experiences.

For golf enthusiasts, the ship's long stopover in the port during the day is an opportunity to put oneself to the test on the green by accessing some of Italy's oldest and most beautiful courses, such as the Circolo del Golf Roma Acquasanta and the Garlenda Golf Club.

And the verdict at the end of the holiday will be far above expectations.

Discover the best golf courses in Italy on the Costa Smeralda

holiday cruise

If you're considering a golf cruise, get ready for a truly all-round luxury experience; the highlight is the Green Free.

Upon arrival at the clubhouse, Costa Crociere guests are provided with a golf car to get from one hole to the next, a snack basket, priority disembarkation and embarkation, and transportation of their equipment, which will be kept on board and secured for the duration of the cruise.

To keep to the cruise timetable, you will only be able to visit one golf club per stop, and the choice in this case will be a tough one.

In Rome/Civitavecchia, for example, the Marco Simone Golf and Country Club, which will be the official home of the Ryder Cup in 2023, and the Circolo del Golf Roma Acquasanta, one of Italy's oldest golf clubs, founded in 1903 in the green heart of the capital, await you. This second option will also allow you to pop into town, visit a museum, indulge in a little shopping or a plate of steaming cacio e pepe.

Upon arrival in Savona, you will be asked to weigh up two options. The Genoa Sant'Anna Golf Club, in the heart of the Riviera di Ponente and the Garlenda Golf Club, with its 18-hole course designed by John Morrison and John Harris, and surrounded by the ancient olive groves and pine forests of Val Lerrone, south of Savona.

With Costa Crociere's Cruise & Golf, sports tourism meets the idea of travel for those who don't want to sacrifice anything. A dream in the form of a ship, where you can savour an unforgettable experience of golf, sightseeing and relaxation.

When to go

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The cruise combining passion for golf and a love of travel departs every Thursday from Palermo, on Fridays from Civitavecchia/Rome and on Saturdays from the port of Savona. It lasts 7 days and returns to the port of departure.

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